Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Urban & Infrastructure Development

In order to play a participative role in the planning and delivery mechanism of urbanization in association with the municipal authorities, urban development authorities and government authorities in matters related to urban development, affordable housing and social infrastructure matters, the Infrastructure and Urban Development Committee was reconstituted at GCCI in the year 2013-14.

The focus areas of the committee include addressing infrastructure, urban development issues, gaps, policies and attempting to bridge them through necessary interventions in subjects like roads, ports, power, telecom etc. and social infrastructure sectors such as Education, Health, Water and projects like rural road connectivity. The committee plays an advocacy role in the planning and delivery mechanism through meetings and consultative mode and makes representations on urban housing, slum management and urbanization issues at the State and Central level.

NRG Committee
Office Bearers :  
Chairman :  
Co-Chairman :  
Officers : Ms. Isha Shah

Among the proposed events of the committee, the important ones are submitting a Memorandum to Minister Urban Development on current issues, organizing an Open house with Ministers and officers of Urban Development Department, Panel Discussion with subject matter experts, Delegation to other countries. Important topics like Port Infrastructure and Port Congestion, Affordable Housing, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Real Estate Bill, etc would be focused by the committee.