Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry


With the legal framework becoming more stringent in the current scenario, it has become difficult for the units to get timely information and guidance of the new and forthcoming bylaws (like Copyright, Patent, and Competition Act etc.) and necessary compliances related to the Trade and Industries. Also these laws change rapidly, making it difficult to keep track of the current developments. 

It has been noticed earlier that many of the members cannot get proper legal advice on important industry rules and procedures due to a multitude of reasons. With the objective of creating awareness of the new Industrial acts and solving the queries of the members of the Chamber by giving them proper legal advice, the Legal Advisory Committee was started at the Chamber. 

The committee mainly focuses on the legal laws through which the industry gets affected, and creates awareness about the laws so that members can solve their basic issues. The committee regularly organizes seminars, workshops, talks-in collaboration with members and has started a legal help desk so that individual queries can be solved properly. The Committee has also started to proceed towards getting the permission for mediation center, for which application form has been collected and is under process.

The Legal Advisory Committee was last reconstituted in the month of August 2013, with Shri Gopinath Amin as the Chairman and Shri Rohitbhai Patel, Vice President, GCCI as the office bearer in charge.

Office Bearers : Shri Shailesh Patwari
Chairman : Shri Gopinath M. Amin
Co-Chairman :  
Officers : Shri Tanmay Mehta


Legal & GCCI ADRC Past Event