Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Global warming and climate change issues have put the pollution and environment issues high on the agenda of policy makers all over the world. New laws are being made regularly to protect the environment. This has put additional responsibility on the industry to conform to the norms resulting in additional costs to the industry. The GCCI Environment Committee has been constituted to focus attention on these issues.

The main objectives of this committee are creation of awareness and dissemination of knowledge about the relevant laws relating to pollution control and environment, and to guide the industry units in implementing these laws. It also seeks to work closely with the state and central government organizations to remove difficulties faced by the industry and evolve a pragmatic policy.

Environment Committee
Office Bearers : Shri Shailesh Patwari
Chairman : Shri Sunil Trivedi
Co-Chairman : Shri Jatin Jalundhwala
Officers : Ms. Isha Shah


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