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Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation


Welcome to the GCCI Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre (GCCI - ADRC) located in Ahmedabad, India. The Centre is a dispute resolution provider working on a not-for-profit basis.

GCCI - ADRC is a part of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry [GCCI]; a premier Chamber of Commerce & Trade founded in 1949, by pioneers of industrial Gujarat Late Sheth Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai and Late Sheth Shri Amrutlal Hargovandas, to represent Indian trade, commerce, business and industry. GCCI has a membership strength of over 3,800 direct members and 2,00,000 indirect members, which includes over 200 affiliated trade and industry associations.

Realizing the acute need for Institutional Arbitration with fixed cost and time bound schedule of proceedings as well as need for other means of dispute resolution mechanisms for early settlement, GCCI embarked upon the initiative of establishing a comprehensive Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Centre, in line with the provisions contained in its Constitution, for the purpose of speedily resolving conflict or disputes informally and confidentially without going to courts, at a very reasonable / affordable costs.

The Centre is located at GCCI Premises at Ashram Road in Ahmedabad, one of the commercial hub cites of Gujarat. Ahmedabad's geographical position, its rich diverse culture & sincere hospitality makes GCCI - ADRC an ideal choice for the business entities worldwide. The Centre is spread over an area of about 5000 sqft. and offers arbitration, mediation, conciliation and fully administered dispute resolution services upholding the highest standard in the domestic and international arena. With GCCI's rich legacy, the Centre brings to the table over 70 years of experience in doing business, yet it remains apolitical and neutral.

GCCI - ADRC and International Arbitration

India is growing as a major player in the global economy. Its economic strength and human resources have been recognized worldwide. The laws and courts in India support Alternate Dispute Resolution Services. India is a signatory to the New York Convention. The Statute and Rules of GCCI Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution Centre are based on UNCITRAL laws to suit both domestic and international standards.

There are no consistent quality standards or regulation for alternate dispute resolution providers. GCCI Arbitration, Mediation and Dispute Resolution Centre aims at establishing and sustaining these quality standards.

It is our mission to provide well-equipped commendable Alternate Dispute Resolution Services to the business entities throughout the world. The Centre welcomes all domestic and international business entities to avail its services.

Why choose GCCI - ADRC ?

  • The Centre aims at providing full spectrum of alternate dispute resolution services from arbitration to mediation and conciliation. Options range from standalone arbitration and mediation / conciliation processes to various combinations of the same. The Centre is the only Institutional Alternate Dispute Resolution services provider; to provide for a code of conduct both for the arbitrators as well as for the parties and their representatives, thus ensuring highest standards of integrity, transparency and neutrality in functioning.
  • Specially modelled rules to cater to and meet different requirement of the users. Rules include CAP 16, SCAP 16 , MedCon16, General Rules 16 and Code (Please See relevant Rules for more information) Cost effective, time efficient process with reasonable Arbitrator’s, Conciliator / Mediator and Neutral’s fees.
  • Systematic processes and flexible procedures.
  • Parties' privilege to select Arbitrator or Neutral from a panel.
  • Panel of Arbitrators with specialized domain knowledge. Panel consists of both national and international experts to resolve the complexity of the matters.
  • Flexibility for addition of new Arbitrator , Conciliator / Mediator depending on the case need or urgency of the matter or after consultation of the parties
  • Fast Track summary procedure available for small claims and disputes arising from written contracts involving few issues.
  • Provisions for Emergency Arbitrators and speedy interim orders for protection of subject maters in dispute can be obtained without resorting to Court proceedings.
  • Excellent facilities as per international norms like video conferencing facility, projection system, etc.
  • The Centre assures to maintain the quality and neutrality of the dispute resolution process.


2 Court-Rooms
2 Court - Rooms Training Room
(50 Persons Capacity)
Waiting Lounge

2 Conciliation Rooms
(Can be used for Mediation /
Mini court room) 


Other Facilities

  • Fully Air Conditioned premises
  • Facility available for Presentations, Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing etc., if required during sessions.
  • Board showing Status­ of cases would be pr­ovided showing all ro­oms, names of parties, Timings etc.
  • Pantry/Restroom facilities available
  • Library
  • Photocopying facilities availab­le.

Arbitration Panel

The Centre has a panel of arbitrators who are either having substantial experience in the field of arbitration or sufficiently trained in arbitrations. The Centre has its own mechanism to check their credentials, impartiality and educational back ground. GCCI - ADRC arbitrators are selected from experienced professionals, domain expert and business leaders. While appointing arbitrators in International arbitration matters, the centre gives opportunity to people with expertise in substantive law chosen by the party. The Centre also periodically conducts workshops to train & empanel arbitrators.

Eminent experts from below mentioned categories are empaneled with GCCI - ADRC:

Retired Judges & Lawyers   Professional Arbitrators   
Banking & Finance Professionals Construction Experts
Chartered Accountants Investment Experts
Infrastructure Experts / Architects / Engineers Business Leaders Export
Technical Experts Import Experts IT
Former Senior Government officers with domain Knowledge Professionals Foreign
Hospitality & Travel service Experts Arbitrators Industrialists
Leading Advocates Service Experts etc
Company Law Experts