Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

About BWW

GCCI Business Women Wing has completed exciting voyage of 4 decades since its inception on 20th July, 1985 when it was inaugurated by Smt. Sobha Nehru, wife of Shri B. K. Nehru, H.E. the then Governor of Gujarat.

To succeed in Business & Industrial forays has always been in the DNA of Gujarati women since time immemorial. They instinctively know how to grow business & industry and thereby how to ensure all round prosperity for all the stake holders. This has been amply demonstrated by the way the number of women entrepreneurs have grown in Gujarat, most of whom singularly thank GCCI BUSINESS WOMEN WING for all the assistance it has provided to them.

BWW has a membership of around 160 enthusiastic women entrepreneurs and is currently very active in offering value added services through various initiatives which enables women entrepreneurs to establish, manage or expand their businesses. BWW network is growing rapidly owing to its advantages to women entrepreneur members.

The year 2017-18

Chairperson Shibani S Desai and Co-Chairperson ......... are poised to accomplish the vision of GCCI by providing a platform to women entrepreneurs of the state to realize their ambition and potential.

Vision of Business Women Wing

To promote the social, cultural and educational interests of Women entrepreneurs and provide encouragement to new and existing Women entrepreneurs to become self-reliant.

  • To be well-versed with women's contribution to the overall socio-economic development in Gujarat and the country, and promote active participation of women in this process.
  • To provide a common platform to women on economic, social, cultural and educational subjects
  • To effectively pursue women entrepreneurs’ trade, industry & profession related issues to the authorities concerned and arrive at beneficial solutions.
  • Acknowledge & Encourage Women entrepreneurs by providing recognition to them through sectorial awards.Objectives
  • To encourage and develop camaraderie among members.
  • To apply a consensus based approach on all subjects concerning business women community.
  • To encourage new women entrepreneurs to become self-reliant by venturing into business and provide a higher platform for existing women entrepreneurs.
  • To organize Seminars, Conferences, Exhibitions, Overseas Delegations, Open House Discussions, Experts' Talks, Industrial visits and Training Programmes etc. on the subjects relating to women and their economic betterment.
  • To effectively help to project the image of the women entrepreneurs in the civic, social, economic and other spheres.