Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Non Resident Gujarati Centre

NRG Center Non Resident Gujaratis (NRG) Centre, started in December 2009, is an alliance between Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Government of Gujarat. The initiative was taken by Government of Gujarat in order to provide genuine information and assistance to NRGs. Earlier GCCI had NRG Overseas Wing working under its NRG Committee. The GCCI NRG Centre works in collaborative effort with the Government of Gujarat, so that the problems faced by the NRGs can be solved in effective and efficient manner.

NRG Committee

NRG Center and committee under the chairmanship of Mr. K.H. Patel, former Indian High Commissioner to Uganda and Ambassador to Rwanda and Burundi. He is also been a Chairman for the Non-Resident Gujarat’s Centre Government of Gujarat.

Services Provided by NRG Center:

  • To provide information about Business & Industry.
  • Provide necessary information about Investments opportunities , travel accommodation, and Real Estate and Legal matters.
  • Provide necessary road maps for the tourist places.
  • Provide information on Medical Tourism in Gujarat .
  • Provide other relevant information associated with NRGs,[ Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Card, Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card, etc.]
  • To accept the representations from Non –Resident Guajaratis for resolving their issue on various aspects , and take up the same with Government agencies.
  • To accept applications for the Gujarat Card, which is issued by Government of Gujarat . Gujarat card is specially designed by Government of Gujarat with intention of providing discounts to NRGs in regard to shopping , travelling, hotel accommodation, and medical facilities etc.

Other Services Provided by NRG Center

Online Inquiry Help: NRG center has its own Blog & Social networking accounts on Facebook. On Facebook almost 350+ NRG’s are associated with us. We are also associated with different Guajarati samajis abroad and in India on facebook. We are also adding more and more NRG’s in Facebook and providing fruitful information to NRG’s through the blog.

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