Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Non Resident Gujarati (NRG) Parents Day

Date : 23-02-2017
Venue : GCCI A.H. Hall
In Association With : GSNRGF, Govt. of Gujarat
Description :

A Get To Gather of Non Resident Gujaratis (NRGs) and NRGs Parents was ogranised at the Chamber on 23rd February ,2017 under the joint auspices of Gujarat Government ‘s Non Resident Gujarati Foundation (NRGF) and GCCI NRG Centre. Former Chief Justice, Jammu & Kashmir High Court and Delhi High Court Shri B.C. Patel was the Chief Guest of Gujarat Government ‘s Additional Secretary in Charge of NRI Department Shri N.P. Lavingiya was the Guest of Honor. The Speakers and their subjects were as follows :

Speakers and their Subjects:

Shri Rahul Shukla, Owner & CEO , S.S. White Technologies , USA
Business Opportunities for NRGs in India & USA

Shri Viren Patel, Trustee, Charotar University of Science & Technology (CHARUSAT) , Changa, Dist. Anand
Opportunities for NRGs in Education Field in Gujarat

Dr. Keyur Buch , M.S.(Ortho),FRCS, CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad
Medical Tourism in Gujarat

GCCI President Shri Bipinbhai Patel presided over the function. Both the GCCI Hon. Secretaries Shri Vijaybhai Shah & Shri Prafulbhai Talsania, Chairman of GCCI Indirect Tax Committee Shri Subhash Modi and several GCCI members were present. The audience included about 225 NRGs and NRG Parents.

In the beginning of the programme , GCCI President Shri Bipinbhai Patel welcomed the dignitaries on the dais and the large number of NRGs and NRG Parents present in the hall. He appreciated valuable contribution made by the NRGs in the development of Gujarat. He said that GCCI NRG Centre is always ready to assist NRGs for the required information and in any issues they may be facing.

In his introductory remarks, Shri K.H. Patel, Chairman of GCCI NRG Committee, gave an overview of the activities of the NRG Centre . He acknowledged the presence of several celebrities of NRG Diaspora present at the programme. He mentioned that NRGs had made an investment of Rs. 60,000 crores in the State and held FDs of over Rs. 5,000 crores in the Banks.

Former Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi High Courts, Justice Shri B.C. Patel in his speech as Chief Guest mentioned that basically Gujaratis being enterprising people have been highly successful abroad and have been contributing tremendously to their motherland in various sectors, notably in the education and business sectors. Calling upon the successful Gujarati Hoteliers and Motel owners in USA to replicate their success in Gujarat,Justice Patel asked them to invest in the motels in the State.

Guest of Honour Shri N.P. Lavingiya, Additional Secretary, (NRI) , Govt . of Gujarat, informed that the NRG Foundation of Government of Gujarat carries out various activities for the benefit of NRG diaspora .Amongst the notable activities of the Foundation was the launch of Gujarat Card wherein the NRG cardholders were provided priority treatment in Government Departments and were also eligible for other benefits.

Shri Rahul Shukla Owner and CEO, S.S. White Technologies, USA , mentioned that if businessmen were ready to invest Rs. 7 crores in urban areas or Rs. 3.5 crores in rural areas in USA he or she can enter USA on Investment Visa which was comparatively easier. He informed the audience that in USA NRGs own 21000 hotels and motels out of the total 53000 hotels and motels. NRGs alone contributed Rs. 4000 crores worth of Income Tax in USA.

Shri Viren Patel, Trustee, Charotar University of Science & Technology (CHARUSAT), speaking on Opportunities for NRGs in Education Field in Gujarat informed that the University under the parental guidance of Charotar Moti Sattavis Seva Sanstha was working in the education, research and medical sectors. While lauding the contribution of Gujarati Diaspora to the development of the University. Shri Patel said that of the total outlay of Rs. 150 crores of this University , contribution of NRGs was nearly 70-80%.

Dr. Keyur Buch of CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad , called upon the State Government for proactive and aggressive Medical Tourism policy as Gujarat was far behind other States in taking financial benefits for the medical services available in the state. Forbes had termed the Medical Industry in India as the Jewel in the Crown. Dr. Buch also said that coordinated efforts towards promoting the achievements of the medical sector , along with a proper marketing strategy should be adopted to scale up ourselves and showcase the services rendered in the Healthcare sector in the State.

The speakers as well as NRGs/ NRG Parents were able to interact usefully during the Hi-Tea which followed at the end of the meeting.