Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Interactive Meeting with Shri J. D. Seelam, Hon’ble Minister of State (Revenue)

Date : 10-09-2013
Venue : K. L. Committee Hall, GCCI
Description :

Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized an Interactive Meeting with Hon’ble Minister of State (Revenue), Government Of India, Shri J. D. Seelam. Shri Rakesh Misra, Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax, Madam Ranisingh Nair, Shri Anilkumar Agrawal, Shri Sushil Chandra - Chief Commissioners of Income Tax – Ahmedabad, Madam Gunjan Mishra, Chief commissioner of Income Tax - Surat and their esteemed team of commissioners remained present.

Shri Shankerbhai Patel, President, welcomed the guests and the audience. In his welcome address, President highlighted that being Chemical industry hub, Gujarat should be given clearance from critically polluted area with faster process of environmental clearance. He also told that granting or announcing of the attractive subsidy budget will not only help the current MSMEs to revive but will attract entrepreneurs from other states and internationally to set up in Gujarat. The regulatory environment should be improved by all means.

Shri Seelam, Hon’ble Minister, in his address to industry, conveyed that the Government is focusing on three major concerns of the country: Fiscal deficit, Current Account deficit and Inflation. All banks are directed to provide loans to farmers without cap beyond Rs. 7 Lakh Crore. Also to improve growth, export is required to be increased and imports need to be decreased. For example, India having huge number of coal reserves need not be imported and Kolkata’s excess iron ores should be exported. He emphasized they are not regulators but facilitators. Various economy related issues like revenue resources for food security bill, steps for improving growth of manufacturing sector, measures taken for mitigating impact of rupee devaluation on industry etc. were discussed at length.

At the end, overwhelmed audience applauded Hon’ble Minster. Shri Bimal Parikh, Hon. Secretary, GCCI concluded the event by proposing vote of thanks.