Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Seminar on New Developments in CSR & Its Legal Compliances

Date : 24-04-2015
Venue : GCCI Premises, Near Natraj Cinema, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad 380 009
In Association With : Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy
Description :

Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized a Seminar on "New Developments in CSR Provisions and Its Legal Compliances" on April 24, 2015 at 05:00 PM at GCCI. Shri Noshir Dadrawala, Chief Executive, Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy, Mumbai was the Esteemed Speaker of the Seminar, which was attended by leading corporates and NGOs.

In his welcome address, Shri Rohit Patel, Sr. Vice President, GCCI applauded the Government of India’s move on strengthening the efforts for CSR by providing it a legal framework and said that the focused efforts can provide massive result in social development. Shri Rohit Shah, Chairman, GCCI CSR Committee briefed the participants about the activities of GCCI CSR Committee and their role to serve as a bridge between corporates and NGOs.

In his Lecture, Shri Noshir Dadrawala talked about brief history of CSR and its need in future context. He elaborately covered details on the 5 sub sections of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, the Rules, Schedule VII, CSR Policy, CSR Reporting, tax treatment of CSR etc. He clarified various confusions prevailing with regard to the constantly changing definition of CSR - as to what exactly counts as CSR activity.

In the Interactive Session, Shri Noshir Dadrawala addressed various questions of the participants regarding the CSR provisions. The Seminar concluded with Vote of Thanks by Shri Bhushan Punani, Executive Director, Blind People’s Association.