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GCCI Non-Resident Gujaratis (NRG) Committee / Centre were started in January 2009. The activities of NRG Committee are performed through NRG Centre which has been established with the assistance of Non Resident Gujaratis Foundation (NRGF), Govt. of Gujarat. A representative of NRGF attends NRG Committee meetings. Thus, the problems faced by the NRGs are sorted out with help of Govt. of Gujarat whenever required.

NRG Committee
Office Bearers : Shri Saurin Parikh
Chairman : Shri K. H. Patel
Co-Chairman : Shri Digant Sompura
Officers : Shri Gaurav Shah

Activities of the Committee/ Centre

The Committee / Centre have been providing requested information on varied subjects to NRGs. A large number of leading NRGs from various countries have been visiting the Centre. The Committee/ Centre have been organizing interactions in the form of Lectures and Seminars by visiting NRG dignitaries from time to time. Events concerning Medical Tourism in Gujarat, Marriages with NRIs, NRGs Conferences, Meetings concerning Gujarat Cards and Immigration issues etc. have been organised in the past.

Services Provided by NRG Committee / Centre

  • To provide information and assist NRGs for establishment of Industry and Trade in Gujarat.
  • To provide necessary information about available Investment opportunities, travel and accommodation in Gujarat
  • To provide necessary road maps of tourist places to visiting NRGs.
  • To provide information on Medical Tourism in Gujarat.
  • To provide other relevant information connected with NRGs ,e.g. Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Card and Persons of India Origin (PIO) Card, etc.
  • To accept representations from Non- Resident Gujaratis for resolving their issues on various aspects, and take up the same with Governmental agencies, whenever  required.

Gujarat Card

Gujarat Card is specially designed by Government of Gujarat with the intention of providing discounts to NRGs in regard to travelling, accommodation, medical facilities and shopping etc. It is issued for nominal fee of Rs. 225/-. This Centre has been accepting and processing the applications for Gujarat Cards and send them to Govt. of Gujarat for issuing the same. The Centre has also been registering a variety of firms which are agreeable to provide special discounts and services to Gujarat Card holders. At present about 400 such vendors are offering varied percentages of discounts to Gujarat Card holders.

Online Inquiry Help

This Center has its own website ( as well as Social networking accounts on Facebook ( and Blog ( The Facebook enables the Centre to remain in touch with numerous NRGs, including their Associations abroad. The Centre has been receiving queries online as well as through phone calls .Every effort is made to address the inquiries to the fullest satisfaction of NRGs.

Contact Details
Phone/fax : +91-79-4006-9603
Email :
Website :


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